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Work 2.0 Reboot
Half of Canadians (50%) report a worsening of their mental health since the onset of the pandemic, with one-in-ten (10% overall) saying it has worsened “a lot”. How concerned are you about the mental health and psychological safety of your workforce as you begin to discuss protocols for reintegration into the workplace?

We are calling this reintegration into the workplace "Work 2.0 Reboot," Why? The old normal is gone for many. The old normal is yet to be determined. The degree of impact COVID-19 will have on employee mental health has just begun. Employers are advised to be aware of the lessons from previous disasters in Canada. We are still in the honeymoon stage; the disillusionment stage is pending as we must be mindful of a second wave of COVID-19 and the financial and mental tolls this can have on an already taxed human capital.

In this 90 minute webinar Dr. Bill Howatt will provide employers with some factors and insights to consider to proactively protect and support employees' mental health. Not all employees will embrace returning to work with the same level of commitment, readiness, and capabilities. The goal of this webinar is for you to walk with some ideas and a framework to create your mental health impact plan.

This webinar is hosted by AMHSA, and co-sponsored by The Alberta Construction Safety Association, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), Construction Owners Association of Alberta, Energy Safety Canada, and Howatt HR.

Topics that will be covered:
• Discuss how employees may cope with change differently
• How to evaluate where employees are with respect to their readiness to return to work.
• Explore various factors that can negatively impact employee psychological safety and mental health if not considered.
• To examine what employers can do to proactively impact employee mental health
• To discuss how employers may want to prepare leaders.
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